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How to use Remote VNC Pro

  1. Install a VNC server on your computer. recommand Real VNC Free Edition, Ultra VNC or X11VNC on Linux, we'll use RealVNC as a example.
    • After running the RealVNC server, you can see the RealVNC tray icon on the right bottom of your screen.

    • Right click on the icon, select "Options"

    • Choose "VNC Password Authentication" and click "Configure" On the first "Authentication" tab page.
    • Input your password "XXYY".
    • Go the "Connections" tab page, make sure "Accept connections on port" is selected and "5900" is the port.

    • Click, then the RealVNC server setup is done.
  2. Go to you Android phone, start Remote VNC Pro
  3. Press menu key, tap "Add"
  4. Input the IP address of your computer, password (XXYY).
  5. Press back, back to the main screen, click the connection you just added.
Trouble shooting:
  1. If you can not connect to your computer, you need to verify the RealVNC server is running and network is ok , run Real VNC client app on another computer, connect to this machine, to see if it works, it not, check the firewall and your network.
  2. If you connected , but can not see the cursor, try edit your connection and switch "Request cursor update".
  3. For RealVNC Enterprise version, you must setup the encryption to "Prefer on" or "Prefer off" on the server side, also can not Enable "Asmin" user.  If it's "always on" or enable "Admin" user, Othere VNC clients (including Remote VNC) will not be able to connect to it.