1 . How to make a connection in Remote RDP?

Click “Add” menu on the main screen, goes into the “Edit” screen:


Input IP address of your target machine which must be RDP enabled.

Input RDP listening port of your target machine if it’s not using 3389 (Default RDP listening port on Vista is 3390). [Optional]

Choose a screen resolution, default is 800x600. You may experience force close (Out of Memory) if you choose very big resolution. [Optional]

Input user name of your target machine [Optional]

Input password of your target machine (not recommended) [Optional]

Choose if log into the console session. [Optional]

Choose keyboard layout on your target machine. [Optional]

Input the program you want to start on connection. [Optional]

Input the connection name which you like. [Optional]


Then back to the main screen, click the connection you just added and you will be in target machine.

Long click on the connection will lead you to the Edit screen.

2. RDP FAQ, like install, enable, change listening port etc:
3. Can I connect to Linux with Remote?

You can use XRDP in Linux, but I didn't test Remote with XRDP, I'll do it in the future version. or using Remote VNC

4. Can not close the session when I close a program which is running on connection.

There is no good way to deal with if you are using XP Pro, you have restart the machine.

On Win 2003, 2008, the session will be closed after you close the program.

5. How can I connect to a machine behind firewall or router?

There is a good article about this question: http://ask-leo.com/how_can_i_connect_to_my_home_computer_from_work.html

6. Will it be free to update to Cupcake or the future version of SDK?

Sure, Remote will always be free to update.

7. Can not connect to RealVNC Enterprise?

You must setup the encryption to "Prefer on" or "Prefer off" on the server side, also can not Enable "Admin" user.  If it's "always on" or enable "Admin" user, Othere VNC clients (including Remote VNC) will not be able to connect to it.

8. Preconfigured password doesn't work, Remote desktop still ask password when login.

Your server is configured to always ask password, check this post from Microsoft:

9. The server say my password is not correct

Also check this post:

10. How can I issue a Right click?
  • Long press, try only use your figure tip, don't be too hard.
  • Phone call key
  • Create a shortcut key "Shift+F10"